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Growing up, I had a very curious desire to see how things are made and why they work the way they do. But, I was also the person who would question why you chose that option. I was not a completely annoying kid with constant “Why?” questions but more like “How does that work?” and then “That doesn’t sound so effective. Have you thought about…?” I didn’t have a great sense of tact back then but what kids does? J

When I started my career into the Information age, I was always an inspiration for my co-workers to bounce ideas off of. I would talk with them about their plans and keep asking the why that, is that the best, is there another way, can you do something around this or that, etc. Most time they came up with their own answers because there is power in saying your thoughts out loud because you allow your “hearing” to pick it up and process it through. Plus, explaining the process or need behind something provokes other thoughts or ideas and BAM! You become unstuck or problem solved or success can be found.

I started PlayingDevilsAdvocate.net to be just that. A sounding board or better yet, a Mirror, to reflect the ideas and thoughts of the client back at them for them to see and hear them and be able to make better choices. To provoke the thoughts they were missing or expose the areas that have not been completely thought through. Having run a small business for many years, I was so busy with busy work that when I needed more clients or to increase my revenue, I would follow the “flashing light” and get hooked into a small $300 or $800 webinar that offered “It’s so simple to use. You will have 10 high paying clients by …” I was too isolated to have a partner to do sharing with or vet through my ideas. I was also not seeing the necessary changes I would have to make or what work I would have to do. The project would always fail.


Eventually, after throwing good money after bad processes and ideas, I closed the business and lost a considerable amount of money. I don’t want this to happen to you. For you to get “bitten” by the “I need this” snake and then be drug down a road that just leads you to more despair and money spent.

I have created a step by step process based on my experiences in the IT field with small and large scale project management implementations and work flows and also my life experiences on the business and human thinking side. I really want you to know you are not alone and talking with me about your next adventure could really be an eye opener for you. My goal is to expose all the “pitfalls” and “snake pits” in what you want to get accomplished so that once you feel confident about those areas, your implementation will be amazingly successful.

So, give me a chance to hear what you are trying to do and let’s see how we can make it more successful than your wildest dreams.

In the end, I am just playing the devil’s advocate…but I am Your Advocate and Your Biggest Fan!

Email me so I can send you an intake form and let’s start working together.

(I am working on an online intake form, thanks for your patience.)

Tom Bliss, Your Advocate